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CAR/PAR (Issue tracker)

Corrective/Preventive Actions Requests are used to identify defect rates and to quickly correct them.  Everyone in the organization has access to CAR/PAR via mobile or desktop. With real time routing of CAR/PARs through the departmental, resolutions are quickly implemented.

Management Reviews

The Management Review is designed so that each department identifies their initiatives, goals and metrics. They are held monthly to track performance and progress towards goals.


Document Management

Q is the central repository for all departmental process documents, compliance standards, audits, training, incidents, Reports and much more.  All your important documentation is in one place for external audits and for managing the business.


What gets audited gets done.  This module support internal and external audits on the following standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001. OSHA 18001, and R2.  All are measured to the departmental level.


Chain of Custody Tracking

All decommissioned and obsolete assets are to be disposed within regulatory compliance standards.  Assets are tracked from disposition through resale, repair, repurposing or recycling processes; as they move from customer to buyers or recyclers. The transcation are documented.

Injury/Incident Reporting

Injury and environmental incidents are tracked, via on-line forms in compliance with industry standards.


Task & Project Tracking

Our T&PT suite provides for the following:

  • Task Request: Internal, Project or External activity request.
  • Time Tracking: Reporting of daily and project tasks.
  • Project, Event and Travel Expense tracking.

Feedback / Survey

Feedback from Customers, Suppliers and Employees is paramount to business success.  Q provides an On-line Satisfaction Surveys to allow customers, employees and suppliers to provide feedback on your company’s and management’s performance.


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